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Speech Translation


  • Today, the Automatic Lecture Translation is established as service at KIT, lectures in the field of computer science and mechanical engineering are translated each semester (for further details see www.lecture-translator.kit.edu). The Lecture Translator is also implemented in test runs in different universities.
  • First Lecture Translation Service, Summer 2012 – in the summer of 2012 an automatic simultaneous lecture translation service was deployed for the first time as an actual service in an academic setting at KIT.  Foreign students can listen to lectures and get simultaneous interpretation text on their devices (see Deutsche Welle Top Stories, or our press review)

  • First Commercially Available and Fielded Speech Translator on a mobile Phone, Jibbigo 2009. This development was done by a group of former scientists from ISL who have since formed a start-up company. The world’s first speech-to-speech translator on a phone, Jibbigo”, was shown in a first public demonstration in October, 2009. It runs completely on the phone (no network necessary) and sports a number of error recovery techniques (see apple commercial, 2009).

  • First Fielded Speech Translators, Cobra Gold 2007-present.

  • First Domain Unlimited Speech Translator, NSF-ITR Project STR-DUST, 2003 (Mary Harper, PM)

  • First Spontaneous Speech Translator, Public Demo 1993-2000 (see articles in the news)

  • First Speech-to-Speech Translator, JANUS, Feasibility Demonstration in Europe & US, 1991
  • Overview "20 Jahre Sprachübersetzung", in German only