The Interactive Systems Lab at Carnegie Mellon (CMU) and at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is a Research Lab that aims to develop better multilingual, multimodal human-human and human-machine communication and interaction technologies.  ISL was founded in 1990 and has proposed and developed numerous international innovations and breakthroughs that already improve international communication today.  These innovations have led to several successful start-up companies, government and corporate field transition, and new academic chairs and professorships in the US, Europe and Asia.  The ISL has graduated many PhD’s and Master level researchers worldwide that have also gone on to extend the ISL’s mission and vision.


ISL also serves as coordinating partner and contact point for InterACT  at either University.  The international center for Advanced Communication Technologies (interACT ) is a joint center between eight of the leading universities computer science and related fields.


Our goal and mission at CMU and KIT is to facilitate and promote:

  • International Education – Broaden students’ and faculty’s international exposure through international research projects and cross-border exchange and training.  The lab and the center support and organize student stipends, student and faculty exchange, joint seminars, and summer schools.
  • Research in support of human interaction, communication and collaboration – Engage in research on technologies that will facilitate, enable and improve human interaction with machines, human-human understanding and communication.  Research covers a range of topics including speech recognition, translation, speech synthesis, language, vision technologies, person tracking and recognition, multi-modal and cross-modal perceptual interfaces, smart rooms and pervasive computing, and their application to human-machine and human-human communication devices as well as to robotics.


The Interactive Systems Laboratory (ISL) at CMU & KIT and the international collaboration it practiced, gave rise (in 2004) to the foundation of a broader alliance of international leading Universities, interACT.  At CMU and KIT, ISL serves in the role of coordinator within the InterACT framework to fulfill a University wide mission toward internationalized education.  ISL also supports InterACT’s research mission to develop better technologies in support of international exchange and communication.


 Head of the Interactive Systems Lab is Prof. Alex Waibel .