Quaero is a program promoting research and industrial innovation on technologies for automatic analysis and classification of multimedia and multilingual documents.
The partners collaborate on research and the realisation of advanced demonstrators and prototypes of innovating applications and services for access and usage of multimedia information, such as spoken language, images, video and music.

The program fosters strong synergies between participating industrial partners and research organisations. Demonstrators and prototypes allow evaluating the market readiness and technological maturity of the research and development results. Feedback from the evaluation is taken into account for establishing and adjusting the research and development priorities.

The results of the program adress the needs of mass market, cultural, scientific and professional sectors:

  • Portals and general consumer research and navigation tools, for instance research of podcasts, photos or video on PC, televicion and mobile telephone;

  • Tools for digitalization, enrichement and distribution of audiovisual heritage and digital libraries;

  • Integrated professional solutions for managing audiovisual content and metadata (analysis, fusion, agregation, indexing and archiving).


The Consortium


The consortium is composed of French and German public and private research organisations.
The Quaero consortium is coordinated by Technicolor. The other large industrial organizations participating are France Telecom, Jouve, Yacast and Exalead.
Dedicated technology suppliers Bertin, LTU, Synapse, Vecsys and Vocapia Research contribute and further develop top notch technologies in their respective business domains.

French and German public research institutes, coordinated by CNRS are CNRS (INIST, LIMSI, IMMI), INRIA, Institut Telecom, IRCAM, IRIT, LIPN, MIG-INRA, Karlsruhe Technology Institute, Joseph Fourier University, and RWTH Aachen University.

Finally, the participation of public institutions BnF, DGA, Ina and LNE demonstrates the strong support of the public sector to the success of the program.Quaero and development program received 99 million euros in aid from the French agency OSEO that handles it.

Consortium members contribute an equivalent amount to reach an overall budget of approximately 200 million euros for innovative research projects.


Further information under: www.quaero.org