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Projects at ISL

In 1991, ISL introduced JANUS, the first speech translation system in Europe and the US and demonstrated the feasibility of speaker-independent, continuous speech translation. In 1992, the ISL founded the international Consortium for Speech Translation Advanced Research (C-STAR), the earliest team effort on speech translation, together with partners in the US and Japan. C-STAR continues to host and manage the annual IWSLT workshops and evaluations. In 1993, it presented the first spontaneous speech translation system, and in 2005 the first real-time simultaneous speech translation system for lectures. ISL served as coordinating or founding partner in a number of European key speech translation programs including Verbmobil, Nespole, TC-STAR and the French-German collaborative R&D program ‘Quaero’. ISL is also leading efforts on multimodal interfaces for the DFG Sonderforschungsbereich ‘Humanoid Robots’, and served as the general scientific coordinator of CHIL, the largest Integrating Project on Multimodal Interfaces during FP-6.