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Machine Translation

Machine Translation (MT) using Deep Learning
ISL's tools at the European Parliament

Machine Translation is the research field of translating one natural language into another one. It is a key technology to enable world-wide communication and information access. Recently, significant improvments could be achieved by using deep learning technology. At ISL, we address several research topics to push the state-of-the art in neural machine translations:

Our main reserach topics are:

Multilingual machine translation: Building translation systems for many language in order to increase the covered langauges

One-shot learning: Enabling the system to learn new translations from single examples

Domain adaptation: Costumizing machine translation for specific use cases

Low-latency speech translation: Providing fast translation to allow listerns to follow a talk in a different language

We offer an in-deepth introduction into machine translation in our class and provide the possiblility of a deeper dive into the topics in the seminar. Furthermore, we offer bachlor and master theisis topics in the area of machine translation.