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Currently the ISL is involved in the following projects:


Organic Machine Learning

Intelligent learning of systems.

Sponsored by: Federal Ministriy of Education and Research

Period: 2019-2022

Further information: OML-web



The ISL’s simultaneous lecture translation system is capable of automatically translating lectures and presenting the translation results as text via the www. The system is used to translate German lectures into English and further languages, so that international students can better follow their content, even if they are not fluent in German.  

Further information: Lecture Translator



Psychiatry and psychotherapy depend on successful communication. Since most refugees arriving in the last years speak languages such as Arabic that are not understood by therapists, this presents a critical obstacle in providing mental health care for refugees. RELATER will develop a portable, secure and extensible cross-lingual communication system, based on smartphones, to be used on site during psychiatric diagnosis on Iraqi Arabic- and Levantine speaking refugees.

Sponsored by: Federal Ministriy of Education and Research

Period: 2019-2022

Further information: RELATER, ZI Mannheim


European Live Translator - ELITR

The project „European Live Translator“ is supported by the EU under the Horizon 2020 programme, it runs from January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2021. The goal is to remove the language barrier in communication within and among European citizens, companies, institutes and organizations at large assemblies like conferences, in smaller live discussions like workshops and in discussions held over long distance like formal or informal online meetings. Automatic subtitling system of live meetings and conference presentations will be created and the system of spoken language translation (interpreting) provided. Furthermore, the project will design and implement automatic minuting.

Period: 2019-2021

Further info: ELITR



Continuous Learning in Collaborative Studies (CLICS) develops international MOOCS in the field of speech and robotics, supports exchange, organizes summer schools and distinguished lectures.

Funded by: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and Federal Ministry of Education and Reserach

Period: 2015-2020

Furhter information: CLICS


Second Hands

 The goal of SecondHands is to design a robot that can offer help to a maintenance technician in a pro-active manner. We see this robot as a second pair of hands that can assist the technician when he/she is in need of help. ISL develops the dialogue between the robot and the technician.



                                 , a Network of Excellence consisting of 60 research centres from 34 countries, is dedicated to building the technological foundations of a multilingual European information society.

META-NET is forging META, the Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance.

ISL is partner in META and META-NET.