Praktikum Praxis der Software-Entwicklung (PSE)

  • type: Praktikum: Praxis der Software-Entwicklung (PSE)
  • semester: SS 2014
  • place:

    Geb. 50.20
    Room 223

  • time:

    First group meeting

    Wed Apr 30 4pm

  • lecturer:

    Maria Schmidt

    Dr. Liang Guo Zhang

Talking to an Even Smarter Robot
How a Robot Should Talk to a Human

Task: Improving and Expanding Kitchen-Based Dialog Modeling for Robots

The user interacts with a kitchen assistant robot (e.g., ARMAR III) and wants to eat something for lunch.

  1. Making Kitchen / Recipe / Mensa Assistance more robust:
    • kitchen assistance: “Please bring me the ingredients for pasta napoli!”
    • recipe assistance: “What do I have to do first for spaghetti bolognese?”
    • mensa information: “Which meals are served on line 1 today?”
  2. Adding the vision channel to the interaction
    • face recognition: “Hi Steve. How are you? I haven’t seen you in years!”
    • gaze detection:
      “Why are you looking away, if I’m talking to you?
      Is that other robot over there more interesting than me?!”
  3. Social Interaction
    • improving social interaction using dialog and vision cues

Project Setup

  • expanding kitchen dialogs and making them more robust
  • familiarizing oneself with the existing spoken dialog framework
  • integrating the vision channel using off-the-shelf toolkits
  • programming in Java (or C/C++) and Tcl

Please note :

  • project is conducted in English
  • German clarification/support available, if needed