Jibbigo Artikel The Economist Claudio Munoz
Jibbigo in the Economist
Jibbigo Artikel NY Times Minh Uong/The New York Times
Jibbigo in the New York Times
The first offline mobile speech translation app!

Jibbigo was the first offline mobile speech-to-speech translation software that allows speakers of different languages to converse together. Jibbigo was not a dictionary or a phrase book, but a direct translator: You simply talk to Jibbigo, and it translates your phrase aloud, much as a personal human interpreter would. Spanish-English Jibbigo was released in September, 2009 as the first offline Speech Translation application.

Jibbigo showed the recognition and translation in both languages so you could be sure your translation was accurate. The app was self-contained and did not rely on an internet connection to function. So there were no connection delays, no roaming charges and no disconnects!

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