Thursday 18 October

13.30 Networking sandwich lunch


Opening Session

 Welcome: Mr Miguel Ángel MARTÍNEZ
  Vice-President of the European Parliament
 Presentations: Ms Androulla VASSILIOU
European Commissionner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, Youth and Sport
  Mr Klaus WELLE
  Secretary-General of the European Parliament
 15.30 Linguistic diversity and the dynamics of languages: identity, otherness, democracy
  Presentation by Mr Stéphane LOPEZ, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, followed by discussion moderated by Mr Philippe CAYLA, Euronews
 16.00 Networking coffee break
 16.30 Erasmus Mundus, Mobility and Joint Masters Courses
  Introduction by Mr Vito BORRELLI (European Commission), followed by a panel discussion with Ms Belen BERNALDO DE QUIROS (European Commission) and Ms Izabela BADIU (European Parliament)
  Facilitator: Ms Ebru DIRIKER, Bogazici University, Istanbul
 17.30 Interpreting Services and Universities - A Partnership for the Future
  Introduction by Ms Olga COSMIDOU (European Parliament), followed by a panel discussion with Ms Susanne ALTENBERG (European Parliament), Ms Alison GRAVES (European Parliament), Ms Sally BAILEY-RAVET (Council of Europe) and Ms Claire DONOVAN (OECD)
  Facilitator: Ms Patrizia ARIZU, US Department of State
 18.30 End of the working session
 19.00 Networking cocktail
 19.30 Dinner in the European Parliament




Friday 19 October


New Technologies and the Interpreting Profession

  Facilitator: Mr Juan-Carlos JIMÉNEZ MARÍN, European Parliament
 09.30 Simultaneous Machine Interpretation - Utopia?
  Presentation by Professor Alex WAIBEL, University of Karlsruhe (KIT), followed by discussion
 10.15 Neuroimaging investigations of simultaneous interpretation. How the brain handles the challenge, and the neural adaptations that come with practice
  Presentation by Dr Alexis Georges HERVAIS-ADELMAN, Research Associate at the Functional Brain Mapping Laboratory, University of Geneva Medical School, followed by discussion
 11.00 Networking coffee break
 11.30 E-learning in Higher Education
  Presentation by Professor Gráinne CONOLE, Professor of learning innovation, University of Leicester
 12.00 Virtual Learning in Interpreter Training

Panel discussion with Ms Gráinne CONOLE, Susanne ALTENBERG (European Parliament) and Katerina DARA-LEPOURA (European Parliament)

  Facilitator: Ms Barbara MOSER MERCER, University of Geneva

Closing Session

  Summary and Conclusions: Ms Olga COSMIDOU, European Parliament