DARPA Paper 2020Alex Waibel: "What is DARPA? How to Design Successful Technology Disruption"
Thai-Son Nguyen PaperAI Outperforms Humans in Speech Recognition

ISL has developed the first speech recognition system worldwide that works better than humans and is quicker than other AIs. See the press release in English and German or read CMU's news: "Waibel Team's AI Outperforms Humans in Speech Recognition"

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First info event for new students: Automatic translation for foreign students

On Oct 16, KIT will welcome its new students. As service for foreign students we will present our automatic simultaneous translation service during the life-stream of the so called "orientation phase". Follow the translation on

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Stüker Karlsruhe Digital 2020Simultaneous Translation @ KarlsruheDigital, Oct. 16

Dr. Sebastian Stüker, KIT and kites GmbH, presented the simultaneous automatic translation during the InnovationFestival@karlsruhe_digital on Oct. 16, 2020. See here for the Livestream of the whole event or for Sebastian Stüker's presentation see this link

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Hightech-Summit, Oct. 01, 2020

Prof. Alex Waibel together with Dr. Sebastian Stüker will present their automatic simultaneous translation service at the Hightech-Summit on Oct. 01. Follow the event in the life-stream.

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MOOC on Machine Translation online on Coursera!

History, application, approaches, evaluation, metrics, models, data: Get a unique and comprehenisve overview on Machine Translation on Coursera

Summer Term Lectures start in April

All lectures held by ISL will start as planned in the university calendar.  All information under lectures...

IWSLT 2020 - online conference!

On July 09 and 10 the 17th International Conference on Spoken Language (IWSLT) will take place as official workshop of ACL in Seattle. The workshop will take place as online conference.

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UNESCO Stüker Dec. 2019Sebastian Stüker @ UNESCO Headquaters

Sebastian Stüker was invited to present "Communicating with Everybody: Going the Extra Mile toward Automatic Simultaneous Interpretation for All" on the international conference "Language Technologies for All", Enabling Lingusitic Diversity and Multilingualism Worldwide, UNESCO Headquaters, Paris, Dec. 4-6, 2019

Waibel_ICMI_award_2019ICMI Sustained Accomplishment Award for Alex Waibel

Alex Waibel recieved the ICMI Sustained Accomplishment Award at the 2019 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction in Suzhou (Shanghai) China the 15-17 October. The Sustained Accomplishment Award is awarded each year at ICMI to a senior scientist who has made innovative, long-lasting, and influential contributions to the field of multimodal/multimedia interaction. Further information...

Visit of Stefan Kaufmann

Dr. Stefan Kaufmann is member of the German Parliament and member of the committee on education, research and technology assessment. He visited KIT on October 09. Dr. Sebasitan Stüker presented to him our automatic simultaneous translation system. 

Head of DFKI @ ISL

On July 30, 2019 Prof. Dr. Jana Koehler, the new head of the German Center for AI (DFKI) visited KIT. After a presentation of KIT, followed by technical discussions, a lab tour to the Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics was done. The work of the humanoid robotics lab was presented and Dr. Sebastian Stüker showed the simultaneous speech translation in action.

Digital People

KIT's Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning presents the "Digital People". Follow the latest interview with Prof. Alex Waibel (in German only)...

AI - interview with Alex Waibel

Artificial Intelligence - what's next? Listen to the interview with Alex Waibel (campus report, in German only).

Join us at KIT-Innovation Day!

On July 10, 2019 we will present our Lecture Translator in action: 

Visit us @ stand 12, KIT, Audimax, foyer

Talk by Dr. S. Stüker on Breaking the Language Barrier (2pm, A)

Live translation for foreign guests

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Annual KIT CelebrationLecture Translator live @ Annual KIT Celebration

The Lecture Translator was successfully offered as service for foreign participants at the annual celebration of KIT on May 16, 2019. All presentations, talks and discussions were translated from German to English. Prof. Alex Waibel  discussed visions, chances and risks of Artificial Intelligence, more information….

"Hacktival" in Karlsruhe

Interested in "hacks"? Join the "Hacktival" at ZKM in Karlsruhe on May 11&12, 2019. Alex Waibel is member of the jury and more info can be found here....

KIT_HannoverMesseLT Goes to Hannover Messe!

We are proud to present the Lecture Translator at this years Hannover Messe!
Visit us @ Halle 2!

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ELITRMany languages - one voice
The Horizon 2020 project „ELITR - European Live Translator“ started in January 2019. The goal is to remove the language barrier in communication within and among European citizens, companies, institutes and organizations. Further info here.