• 1991: the first speech-to-speech-translation system in Europe and the US, JANUS
  • 1992: C-STAR (Consortium for Speech Translation Advanced Research) was founded and in 1993 the first speech translation system for spontaneous requests was developed
  • 2000: the first prototype of a mobile translation system for traveling
  • 2003: the first domain unlimited speech translation system
  • 2005:  the first simultaneous translation system for lectures in real time
  • 2007: our speech-to-speech translation was used for the first time in humanitarian operations
  • 2009: the first commercial App for speech-to-speech translation on a mobile device became available
  • 2012: we presented the simultaneous translation service for university lectures (German into English)
  • since 2012: the simultaneous lectures translation runs as a service in different lecture halls
  • 2020: our speech recognition AI outperforms humans in speech recognition

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