Praktikum Praxis der Software-Entwicklung (PSE)

  • type: Praktikum: Praxis der Software-Entwicklung (PSE)
  • semester: WS 13/14
  • place:

    Geb. 50.20

    Room 223

  • time:

    First group meeting

    Wed Oct 30 4pm.

  • lecturer:

    Dr. Liang Guo Zhang

Task: Kitchen-Based Dialog Modeling for Robots

The user interacts with a kitchen assistant robot (e.g., ARMAR III) and wants to eat something for lunch.

  1) Kitchen Assistance cooking assistance: “Please bring me the ingredients for pasta napoli!” recipe assistance: “What do I have to do first for spaghetti bolognese?” recipe learning: “How do you make pancakes? Please tell me!”

  2) Mensa Information Question Answering: “Which meals are served on line 1 today?” Recommendations:  “I will recommend steak on line 6 today, if you want to eat meat.”

  3) Social Interaction “This meal sounds very tasty!” (after having learned a new recipe) “Don’t you believe I can help you to prepare a meal?!” (when Mensa QA)      


Project Setup

•    modeling suitable dialogs for the given scenarios

•    familiarizing oneself with the existing spoken dialogue framework

•    programming in Java and Tcl

•    using JSON data format


Please note :

•    project is conducted in English

•    German clarification/support available, if needed